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Welcome to
Shepherd's Star Dairy Goats
Raising quality Dairy Goats since 1995
Our farm is located in West Central Missouri, 35 miles East of Kansas City
We test annually through WSU for CAE, Brucellosis and TB. Current status is for 2010 is NEGATIVE!
We are a CL free herd.
We strive to create healthy animals that live long, are hardy and good milk production along with correct confirmation.
We also raise a small herd of wool sheep, kiko/boer meat goats, British Guernsey goats, Angus cattle, butcher hogs and Pedigreed French Angora rabbits. Due to limited space we do have animals for sale throughout the year.

Grandson Cody with 2009 kids

Grandson Cayden with 2010 Guernsey Baby


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